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Home catering in Naaldwijk

Organizing a big party, but prefer to be able to be with the guests yourself instead of spending hours in the kitchen? Then home catering is the ideal solution. We take care of everything from start to finish, so all you have to do is enjoy the delicious dishes served by the chef. With home catering, you are guaranteed a successful event and also save a lot of time and energy. No heavy bags full of groceries, no ten pans on the stove at once and no mess afterwards. Our catering chefs specialize in cooking for large groups, so sit back and be pampered with luxury home catering.

Most popular chefs in Naaldwijk

Favorite of guests Chef Teun de VriesFavorite of guests Chef Vincent van der Hoeven Chef Micha van de Veen

How it works

Step 1 - Find the perfect chef

At ChefMaison, you'll find the perfect private chef for your culinary experience. Whether it's an intimate private dinner, catering for a special occasion, an unforgettable wedding, or even an interactive cooking workshop, we have something for everyone! Explore our diverse selection of talented chefs and find the one that perfectly suits your culinary desires and needs.

Step 2 - Chat & create a personalized menu

After you've found the ideal chef, it's time to customize your menu to your liking. Through our platform, you can communicate directly with our chefs and discuss all your culinary preferences. Whether you have special dietary requirements, want to add a favorite dish, or give your menu a unique theme, our chefs are ready to make your culinary dreams come true.

Step 3 - Confirmation and Payment

Once your menu has been adjusted to your satisfaction, you can easily finalize your reservation by paying securely through ChefMaison. With ChefMaison, arranging an exclusive culinary adventure becomes an effortless and enjoyable experience, from start to finish. The only thing that remains is to start looking forward to your event!

A caterer for every occasion

You can book a suitable home caterer for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday bash, a Christmas dinner with the whole family or an elaborate brunch, through ChefMaison you will find the caterer that suits you and your needs. With a range of chefs in different categories such as catering for weddings, an elaborate buffet, drinks with special appetizers and catering at Christmas. You also choose your preferred cuisine, from Asian fusion to French fine-dining and from vegetarian to kosher catering. All available caterers have an extensive profile with personal reviews so you can rate and compare other people's experiences. Worry-free catering is guaranteed through ChefMaison!

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The ultimate culinary gift

Gift the private dining experience to your friends, family or colleagues. ChefMaison gift cards can be used for any service, such as private dining, walking dinners or business events.

Catering on location in Naaldwijk

With ChefMaison you can book catering on location throughout The Netherlands. Not only at your home, but also in banquet halls, event venues and on wedding occasions, our chefs can take care of everything down to the last detail. While you enjoy the event, the most delicious snacks and dishes will pass by, which of course will be determined together with you in advance. The kitchen will be left gleaming clean and even the dishes will be done.

Other great chefs in Naaldwijk

Anthony MombargKitchens: Classic, French€579 for 6 guestsMet de private dining haal je het restaurant gevoel echt in huis.4.8Favorite of guests Jan BaltussenKitchens: French€420 for 6 guestsI enjoy cooking for groups and at people's homes, taking them along in the preparation of the dishes. I often give workshops in combination with wine/food where everyone knows their way around.5 Konrad GodlewskiKitchens: French€600 for 6 guestsWaarom uit gaan eten als je eigen huisje het gezelligste restaurant kan zijn?5 Jurgen HofmanKitchens: Allround, Open vuur€600 for 6 guestsSomeone with a passion for cooking over open fire.4.8 Alberto HasethKitchens: Caribbean€510 for 6 guestsI am a chef, I have 18 years of experience in the cooking and pastry field. I like to cook with passion4.8 Marius van VlaanderenKitchens: Afrofusion€600 for 6 guestsHet liefst accentueer ik de originele smaak van klassieke ingrediënten met een kleine touch van moderne elementen5Favorite of guests Terenzio IgnoniKitchens: Italian€510 for 6 guestsChef Terenzio Ignoni, makes your dream private dining come true!5Favorite of guests Sherwin Barbolina€900 for 6 guestsCreating new dishes and tantalizing people's taste buds are what drove me to start something for myself. I link each dish back to my own name, so I make sure that each dish is prepared with the highest precision and leaves the kitchen. After years of working in several high-end restaurants in the Netherlands where everything is about finesse, taste and fresh products, I am ready to put this experience on the map worldwide.5Favorite of guests Emmelie DupuyKitchens: Asian, Fusion€570 for 6 guestsExperience the harmony of flavors with Chef Emmsskitchen.4.8 Samuka KennehKitchens: Afrofusion, Mix, Vegan 🥬€780 for 6 guestsIn my kitchen, every dish has a special story that needs to be told, and I always try to add an element of my roots to my dishes.5 William BeninatiKitchens: Italian€510 for 6 guestsSince young, I have learned the art of making "Pasta fatta a mano"4.8

Explore chefs in the area

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Catering in Naaldwijk | ChefMaison The Netherlands (2024)


How do I find the best catering? ›

To make things a little simpler, below, you'll find seven tips on how to choose the best catering company for your next event.
  1. Always Schedule a Tasting. ...
  2. Check References and Reviews. ...
  3. Venue Familiarity Is a Plus. ...
  4. Look for Flexibility. ...
  5. Consider Your Specific Situation. ...
  6. Ask to See Certifications. ...
  7. Go With Your Gut.

How much is a private chef in France? ›

The price of a private chef service depends essentially on the number of people. On average, for bookings of 2 people, the price of a Private Chef in Paris is 125 EUR per person. Between 3 and 6 people, the average price is 93 EUR per person.

What is the cheapest type of food to cater? ›

Cheap catering food ideas include rice or pasta-based dishes, hot dogs, burritos, tacos, cookies, and muffins, which are loved by everyone and are often more affordable than sophisticated seafood or meat dishes.

What is a good food cost percentage for catering? ›

For a set meal, each person will probably eat about four to six ounces of meat, two side dishes, an appetizer, and dessert. Keep in mind that your food bill should be about 30 percent of your total price, advises the Houston Chronicle.

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