Larsa - Larsa's Guide To Blacksmithing (2024)


  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Craft on Monday, Prep on Other Days
  • 3 What You Will Need
  • 4 Case of Mining over Metallurgy
  • 5 Training Blacksmithing
    • 5.1 Ranks F-A
    • 5.2 Rank 9
    • 5.3 Rank 8
    • 5.4 Rank 7
    • 5.5 Rank 6
    • 5.6 Rank 5
    • 5.7 Rank 4
    • 5.8 Rank 3
    • 5.9 Rank 2
    • 5.10 Rank 1


This will be an updated guide to help those whom are willing to train in the arduous ways of Blacksmithing in Mabinogi. It shall be noted that this will be the longest, difficult, and most expensive skill to train (on par with both Magic Crafting and Hillwen Engineering). However there are several things that players can do to get through the ranks and help training this skill as well as take some shortcuts through these ranks (these will also take time but it is up to the player to decide wither or not they will be able to go through with it). This guide will also not recommend the use of Brionac since it will reduce the Durability by 6 for each use and isn’t at all beneficial at higher ranks. However it falls unto the player wither or not it is worth using that 6 Durability.

Craft on Monday, Prep on Other Days

On Mondays, the rate of success for production goes up as well as the chances for getting great successes. Every other day should be spent focusing on gathering the necessary materials for your crafting. Tuesdays should be spent finding materials in dungeons and Shadow Missions and Wednesdays should be spent finding materials from monsters roaming around the areas.Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to get training exp for making an item the item rank needs to be at least one lower than your current blacksmithing rank or higher.

What You Will Need

Below is a list of recommended pre-requisites as well as recommended skills to take advantage of to get through the ranks of Blacksmithing.

  • Blacksmithing Talent – This will reduce the counts by half and it’s highly recommended to take advantage of.
  • Rank 1 Refine – Simply because you are going to need to make alot of differen Ingots and Plates. The high success rate will make it less of a pain as well.
  • Rank 1 Weaving – Same reason as Refine, but mainly for the higher success rate of making leather/fabric materials as well as other Weaving mats.
  • Rank 1 Metallurgy - This will take a long while to get since some ranks need a perfect 100 to get through, but its well worth it for all those ores.
  • Rank 1 Mining (optional) - Same with Metallurgy but this is mostly for those who need Iron Ore more than anything.
  • Rank 9 or higher Harvest Song (optional) - This helps when you need to gather ores from Mining or Metallurgy as well as add a fixed sucsess rate on production and gathering.
  • Rank 9/4 Fragmentation (optional) – This is simply to get any materials you used in some things that can be fragmented back and can be reused again, its highly useful and helps save money and time.
  • Rank 8/6 Synthesis (optional) – This is mostly to grow more ingots (mostly iron and silver) that way you won’t have to deal with constantly making more. This is especially useful when you get to rank 9 Blacksmithing.
  • Rank 5 Homestead (optional) – This is simply to get you set up with your own personal Anvil and Furnace. It will help save time from running to Bangor and money from spending to get Furnaces working and will run on unlimited time. Also you can set up a Japanese Cedar Tree which adds a small success rate (every little bit counts!).
  • Blacksmith Hammer with Rank 2 or higher Blacksmithing EXP Reforge – This is to help shorten the training by increasing the point output from the makes you do with Blacksmithing, most players probably won’t get a higher EXP training rank than 1 or 2 but its highly recommended getting at least 2 or more.
  • Patron Set with 10 points of Blacksmithing (optional) – this adds an additional 10% success rate on the makes you do, the set itself is hard to come by but its well worth it if you can get your hands on it. You can get one with the Refine bonus but for that’s not what we’re really trying to train now is it?

Note: You don't really have to train these yourself, if you know another person whom has these ranks and are willing to help that's good and all but please keep in mind that this guide is intended for those who want to tackle Blacksmithing on their own.

Case of Mining over Metallurgy

This is probably what most will want to know about, which is better and what is worth ranking. To be quite honest it all depends on the player. I went and got rank 1 for both but here is what needs to be considered. Mining requires you to find Ore deposits (which are mostly found inside Barri and found via Exploration). Now ore deposits give a lot of iron and copper but hardly any silver and gold. Metallurgy however gives a much more balanced range of iron, copper, silver, gold, and the tedious mythril ores. Now if you’re going to be training Refining then Metallurgy is up your alley. Mining is slightly unreliable and isn’t recommended, but most rank it up for the gathering and STR it gives.

Ranks F-A

There is an easy way to get through ranks F-A without going through the process of item gathering just yet. Edern’s Part Time Jobs are an excellent way to get through these ranks with great ease. He will always give you jobs that will help you get through certain ranks. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that to get past rank B you need to have atleast 50 PTJ’s completed and for rank A 100 PTJ’s complete, it will take time but it will save you lots of gold and time.

I'm going to safely assume that you just camped near Edern all day just to wait for those PTJ's to come in, well thats good and all but take into consideration that you will need materials later on. My suggestion is to go out and get necessary leathers (Fine, Finest) and keep them stashed somewhere so you will be able to get some progression in the later ranks.

Rank 9

Greatly successful in making Armor.0.504020.00
Successful in making Armor.0.0850040.00
Completed making Armor 100%.0.10505.00
Successful in making a tool or a weapon.0.0850040.00
Completed making tool or a weapon 100%.0.10505.00

Recommended Makes:Valencia's Cross Line Plate Armor (Giant),Broad Swords,Edern's PTJ Armor Makes

Now this is where you can’t get as much easy training from Edern. You can still however still get Armor Crafting counts (both making and 100%) from the rank A Armors he gives in his PTJ but that’s about it. You won’t get the Great Successes since you need to craft an armor 2 ranks ahead but you should get through this easily if you have a rank 2 EXP hammer. The cheapest thing you can possibly make for weapon makes is Broad Swords, these take atleast 2 Iron and Silver so you might want to grow a lot of silver Ingots since silver is hard to come by. For finishing materials you need to use Fine Leather Straps, and Thick Thread Balls. The Thick Thread you can easily get from weaving wool, the straps however causes some problems since Fine leather is highly scarce. You will have to either buy them from other players or just get them on your own. If you are a talented enough fighter you can also get them from Advanced shadow missions. Yet the one that I recommend the most is Fomor Attack since the monsters seem to drop leather quite often, the Flying Swords in there have a rare drop of silver ores, the Shadow Wizards also drop Arat Crystals which are needed for item growing, as well as the Shadow Commander which drops 5 Iron Ingots.

Rank 8

Greatly successful in making Armor0.504020.00
Successful in making Armor0.0850040.00
Completed making Armor 100%0.10505.00
Successful in making a Shield0.0850040.00
Completed making a Shield 100%0.10505.00

Recommended Makes:Valencia’s Giant Plate Armor (Great Success),Hetero Kite Shield,Light Hetero Kite Shield,Round Shield (100% Makes)

This is where Blacksmithing starts to become hell. The materials you will mostly need to train this is Iron and Fine Leather (A LOT OF THEM). The Iron shouldn’t be too much of a problem since you can just grow them via synth; however, the Fine Leathers you will have to get through much arduous means.

Fine Leather hardly drops from anywhere and isn’t seen as often as they should be (even finest leather is more common then fine). The Valencia Armor takes about 14 Iron, 5 Straps, and 5 Braids per make and costs a whooping 131,000 Gold per manual, and the finishing material of a Siren Wing Mask makes it highly unlikely that you will get them make them 100%. With only 30 uses you have to pray that you get Great Successes.

Its highly recommended for shield makes to get Light Hetero Manuals since they use less materials, however the manuals only drop from bears and rarely drops so you will have to grind a lot for them.

From this point on you must follow the same steps in this rank. As you come close to finishing your great makes, start to see if you can cut corners with regular makes or 100% makes. If not, continue making as much Valencia's as needed for Great Makes untill you get to where you need to be.

Rank 7

Achieve a great result forging armor.0.504020.00
Achieve a good result forging armor.0.0850040.00
Successfully forge armor.0.10505.00
Achieve a good result forging a helmet.0.0850040.00
Successfully forge a helmet.0.10505.00

Recommended Makes:Valencia's Cross Line Plate Armor (M) (Great Success),Plate Mail,Pelican Protector

You’re still going to need a lot of Fine Leather and Iron for this rank. The Material costs for the Valencia armor goes down which is good, but the manual costs 138,000 gold, a 7,000 increase from the previous one. That and the makes now call for you to get Finest Leather Straps but thankfully not as much as the Giant Valencia's.

The 100% make still requires the use of a Siren Wing Mask which will make that a bit difficult. The Pelican Protector can easily be bought from Gilmore for a price of 58,000 Gold but you will still need a lot of Fine Leather and Iron to get through this.

Continue what you have been doing the previous rank. Be sure to continue getting Fine Leather as much as possible, even if you have to buy it from other players. The Iron can easily be grown through Synth if you’re willing to work for the Arat Crystals and Holy Water.

Rank 6

Achieve a great result forging armor.0.504020.00
Achieve a good result forging armor.0.0850040.00
Successfully forge armor.0.10505.00
Achieve a good result forging gauntlets.0.0850040.00
Successfully forge gauntlets.0.10505.00

Recommended Makes:Valencia's Cross Line Plate Armor (F) (Great Success),Valencia's Cross Line Plate Gauntlet,Denver Gauntlet

Reduced(ish) material costs again with the armor. Only 2 iron decrease and an increase in 1 for both braids and Finest; however, that doesn’t seem to stop the ranks from demanding so much Fine Leather and Iron. And again the armor asks for another mask, but this time it’s a Feather Mask

The manuals can be bought from Fleta but will cost a total of 212,000 gold for both. Which is a quite a big jump in pricing. The Denver Gaunts only need 2 iron and 2 fine straps to make but the manual is very hard to come by. You will most likely have to get the manual from other players (if they have one). Continue with what you have been doing the previous ranks, and keep your head straight.

Rank 5

Achieve a great result forging armor.0.504020.00
Achieve a good result forging armor.0.0850040.00
Successfully forge armor.0.10505.00
Achieve a good result forging greaves.0.0850040.00
Successfully forge greaves.0.10505.00

Recommended Makes:Dustin Silver Knight Armor (Great Success),Valencia Cross Line Plate Armor (F),Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots

This is where there is a huge difficulty spike. Both Manuals can be bought from Fleta, but the total costs are an insane 330,000 gold! The armor asks for 15 Iron and 5 Fine/Finest Leather Straps and the Boots costs 5 Iron and 3 Fine Leather Straps. And the Finish Mats are Finest Silk/Fabric as well as another Siren Item. The Boots need Fine Fabric and Silk for finishes. This is where it becomes ridiculously expensive in where you will need a lot of Materials and gold just to keep up with the demands of the skill. The Silk can be obtained from the Red Eyed Ornata Spiders in Scathach however they don’t drop all that often. The Fabric on the other hand needs to be obtained via Weaving, and even then its not 100% positive that you will get the Fabric since the quality of the makes is random. Its highly recommended that you wait for Mondays at this point.

Rank 4

Achieve a great result forging armor.0.405020.00
Achieve a good result forging armor.0.0760042.00
Successfully forge armor.0.08504.00
Achieve a good result forging a tool or a weapon.0.0760042.00
Successfully forge a tool or a weapon.0.10505.00

Recommended Makes:Dustin Silver Knight Armor,Valencia Armor (F),Great Sword,Gathering Tools (For 100% Makes)

From here on out this is where the skill training remains constant. At this point is where the skill training is reduced and you will have to settle for making Two Handed Swords or Great Swords for regular weapon makes. The 100% makes can easily be done with regular gathering tools for easy 5 points of training. The Great Sword only needs 8 iron and 4 copper and the Two Handed Sword which needs 4 iron 4 silver and 4 copper, the manuals cost 57,000 and 66,000 respectively so go with your own judgment on which one you would want to go for. However silver is very rare (even more than gold!) so I would settle for great swords just to save you the trouble unless you will be willing to grow the ingots.

Rank 3

Achieve a great result forging armor.0.306018.00
Achieve a good result forging armor.0.0580040.00
Successfully forge armor.0.07503.50
Achieve a good result forging a tool or a weapon.0.0580040.00
Successfully forge a tool or a weapon.0.07503.50

Recommended Makes:Dustin Silver Knight Armor (Great Success),Valencia Armor (F),Vales Great Sword,Any Gathering Tool (100% Makes)

This is the real hell rank of this skill. The training is heavily reduced again and you will have to continue your Dustin Makes for great successes. The second best thing you can go for making weapons is the Vales Great Sword just to cut around having to get silver. You can still use any random tools for regular 100% makes to cut corners but that doesn’t seem to help a lot. You still need a large supplement of fine and finest leather straps that you will already have consumed a good amount already. It’s best to continue waiting for Mondays to get this over and done with as soon as possible.

Rank 2

Achieve a good result forging armor.0.05100050.00
Successfully forge armor.0.05100050.00
Achieve a good result forging a tool or a weapon.0.0580040.00
Successfully forge a tool or a weapon.0.0620012.00

Recommended Makes:Light Melka Chain Mail (100% Makes),Vales Great Sword,Any Gathering Tool (100% Makes)

This is where you no longer need great makes to progress much, and where you can take things a little more easily. You no longer have to do regular makes in order to proceed, so you don’t have to waste as much gold and materials on the Dustin Armors. The Melka Chain Mail is much cost efficient so this makes it much easier to get to rank 1 so you won’t have to just make Dustin Armors just for the rest of the points. The Claymore isn’t recommended to make considering that it takes way more mats than the Two-handed Sword so its best to keep settle with the Vales Great Sword for your regular makes. And as always just make any tools for 100%.

Rank 1

You are done! You have finally reached Rank 1 Blacksmithing and can pretty much craft vast amounts of weapons and armors. If you want to continue working and get the skill maxed out then that is your choice, the whole point of this guide is to help people reach rank 1 and leave it at that.

Larsa - Larsa's Guide To Blacksmithing (2024)


What is the max skill for Blacksmithing? ›

For Blacksmithing, you will only be able to reach skill 50/100 with vendor-learned recipes. You will be required to farm renown or use Knowledge points towards other recipes in order to fully max out your skill to 100/100.

How do you level up blacksmith? ›

Leveling Smithing is as easy as using one of the four following methods:
  1. Creating an item.
  2. Tempering/improving an item.
  3. Reading a book that increasing your Smithing skill.
  4. Purchasing levels from a Smithing trainer.
Apr 17, 2023

How do you craft in wartales blacksmith? ›

To craft gear, players must interact with a Forge with their party's resident smith. This will open a crafting window showing all the available weapon and armor recipes. Some items, such as throwing weapons, can be ordered in bulk and delivered straight to the player's inventory right from the get-go.

How do you level up Blacksmithing in eso? ›

Every time you deconstruct Items at the Blacksmithing workbench, you will gain experience. Higher quality items will give you more experience compared to lower quality items. there are also Item pieces that have the trait “Intricate”. When you deconstruct those items you will gain additional Inspiration experience.

What is the hardest thing to blacksmith? ›

Welding: making different pieces of iron become one piece of iron. The blacksmith makes the pieces of iron so hot that they almost melt. Then he puts the pieces together and hammers on them so there is no line where they came together. Welding is the hardest thing for a blacksmith to learn and to do.

Is blacksmithing a dying trade? ›

However, thanks to increased interest in historical restoration, reconstructions, living history and other traditional art forms, the blacksmith's trade is no longer a dying art.

How do you get lute Wartales? ›

The lute recipe can be found in one of the cursed villages. It can be crafted at the tinkerer's table. Decimate a troop of 8 or more units with a team using no equipment. Have a boar called: "Hammy", and make it kill 5 units in a single battle.

What is the most efficient way to level up blacksmithing in Skyrim? ›

While the easiest way to do this used to be by smithing iron daggers, a patch removed this glitch and changed Smithing leveling to scale with item worth rather than item quantity. This means that the fastest way to level up your Smithing attribute is by crafting gold rings.

Who is the best blacksmith in Elder Scrolls? ›

Eorlund Gray-Mane is a master blacksmith in Whiterun. He is widely regarded as one of the best smiths in all of Skyrim. He can be found working at the Skyforge next to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.

What is the max crafting level in eso? ›

Continue leveling up your Crafting and Legerdemain skill lines until your Crafting skill lines hit level 50. If you want to continue to deconstruct items, you can sell the raw material you get at the Guild Traders for additional gold.

What is the max skill in Dragonflight blacksmithing? ›

While Blacksmithing skill can be leveled from 1 - 100 in Dragonflight, functionally, every recipe can be learned by skill 50. Past that point, dedicated Blacksmiths will gain bonuses to their Skill level in crafting, allowing them to create higher quality Armor and Weapons.

What does Blacksmith level 7 do? ›

At level 7, the flat section of the roof is reinforced with metal bars connecting pairs of the fastenings.

How do you get blacksmithing to 100 in Skyrim? ›

While the easiest way to do this used to be by smithing iron daggers, a patch removed this glitch and changed Smithing leveling to scale with item worth rather than item quantity. This means that the fastest way to level up your Smithing attribute is by crafting gold rings.

How do you max out smithing? ›

Before crafting, remove the Aetherial Crown, sleep in a bed for the Rested buff (5/10/15% increase for 8 hours). You normally can't get Lover+Warrior+Rested, but if you remove the crown, rest, then reequip it, you should keep the buffs. All this adds up to a 65% increase to your smithing skill.

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