U Haul Trailers: Weight Capacity & Trailer Type | Road Trucks (2024)

When choosing the proper U-Haul to rent, the number of options can be overwhelming! You may be concerned about the weight of your trailer, as you do not want it to overpower your vehicle. What options do I have, and how much does each U-Haul trailer weigh?

U-Haul offers eight different trailers for rent. The three cargo trailers come in sizes 4×8, 5×8, and 6×12. There are four sizes of utility trailers, including 4×7, 5×8, 5×9, and 6×12. The 5×9 and 6×12 come with a choice of a ramp. U-Haul trailers are rented for moving furniture, cargo, or product.

We have done the research and have all the information you need about U-haul trailer weights! To understand the weight of each trailer before and after maximum capacity, which one you should rent, how much it would cost to rent a trailer, and how you should be driving your U-Haul, make sure to continue reading below!

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  • 1 What kinds of trailers Does U-Haul Have?
  • 2 4×8 Cargo Trailer
  • 3 5×8 Cargo Trailer
  • 4 6×12 Cargo Trailer
  • 5 4×7 Utility Trailer
  • 6 5×8 Utility Trailer
  • 7 5×9 Utility Trailer with Ramp
  • 8 6×12 Utility Trailer
  • 9 6×12 Utility Trailer with Ramp
  • 10 How Fast Can I Drive a U-Haul Trailer? Is it Depending on the Weight?
  • 11 How Should I Drive my U-Haul Trailer?
  • 12 How Much Does it Cost to Rent a U-Haul Trailer?

What kinds of trailers Does U-Haul Have?

Some good terminology to learn – cargo trailers are covered and are best for long-distance moves. However, they tend to be more expensive. Utility trailers do not have a cover, but they have more flexibility in what they could be used for. Utility trailers are less expensive. However, cargo can be easily stolen or fall out of the trailer if the tie-downs are not properly used.

To go in-depth, U-Haul cargo trailers are the best for moving long distances because they have an enclosed top and wonderfully aerodynamic build. The 4×8 and 5×8 cargo trailers are lightweight and easily pulled by any vehicle with a towing package. They are great for college students, newlyweds, or even to carry some luggage on a long cross-country trip. U-Haul cargo trailers also can have locked doors.

U-Haul utility trailers are great for small four-wheeled vehicles, transporting products, or even just holding some cargo if tied down correctly. Trailers are helpful, but they do not have an enclosed top. They can also be used to transport business belongings or furniture. These are best for those who work in trade or are transporting a small vehicle such as a motorcycle, lawnmower, or wheelbarrow.

As mentioned before, U-Haul has eight different trailers to choose from. Each has its best functionality for different things, so feel free to check out the chart below! I will go into depth about each trailer and what it’s best used for, but consider this a “cheat sheet” for all your U-Haul cargo and utility trailer information.

Trailer Type4×8 Cargo Trailer5×8 Cargo Trailer6×12 Cargo Trailer4×7 Utility Trailer5×8 Utility Trailer5×9 Utility Trailer with Ramp6×12 Utility Trailer6×12 Utility Trailer with Ramp
Trailer Weight 850 pounds900 pounds1,920 pounds1,900 pounds1,000 pounds1,240 pounds1,730 pounds2,290 pounds
Capacity142 cubic feet208 cubic feet396 cubic feet26 square feet37 square feet43 square feet74 square feet74 square feet
Maximum Load1,650 pounds1,800 pounds2,480 pounds1,770 pounds1,890 pounds1,650 pounds2,670 pounds3,710 pounds
Gross Vehicle Weight2,500 pounds2,700 pounds4,400 pounds2,400 pounds2,890 pounds2,890 pounds4,400 pounds6,000 pounds
Intended Useshort or long-distance movesshort or long distance moves, economic optionshort or long-distance moves, no mileage feeeasy towing for cargo easy towing, landscaping, or building materialsshort or long distance moves, hold cargo, heavy vehiclesbuilding materials, large cargo, short distancesmotorcycle trailer, heavy vehicles, heavy and tall cargo

4×8 Cargo Trailer

The 4×8 Cargo Trailer is the smallest trailer that U-Haul offers. It is considered a lightweight trailer, it is easy to tow and has an enclosed top. This trailer has an aerodynamic trailer design and is perfect for a college student traveling across the country. This could also be useful for business, such as new desks and computers, or even transporting luggage for a road trip across the country!

On its own, this trailer weighs 850 pounds. It can carry a maximum load of 1,650 pounds, and all together can possibly weigh 2,500 pounds! That is a lot of carrying space for a small space, and U-Haul is able to encapsulate this.

5×8 Cargo Trailer

The 5×8 Cargo Trailer is equipped with a hard top and is still considered a small cargo trailer. With small cargo trailers, you do not need a sturdy truck to tow them. Any vehicle with a towing package is able to move this! This option is considered U-Haul’s most economic option because it can hold the essentials (queen-size bed, luggage, small furniture) better than the 4×8 cargo option but is not so overly large.

This trailer weighs 900 pounds individually and can have a gross vehicle weight of 2,700 pounds. All U-Haul cargo trailer rentals have rub rails, multiple tie-downs, and lockable doors. This cargo trailer is a fan favorite because it is so economic, reliable, and easy to use.

6×12 Cargo Trailer

The 6×12 Cargo Trailer is the largest of U-Haul’s three cargo trailers and the largest covered trailer. Each cargo trailer has an enclosed top, tie-downs, rub rails, and lockable doors. What makes this trailer different from the rest is the sheer amount of storage. You can count on this trailer to follow you across the country and resist rain and dust storms while keeping your belongings secure, locked, and safe.

Additionally, this cargo trailer is great for an affordable road trip. This is because there is no mileage fee, unlike other U-Hauls! This trailer is spacious, weather resistant, as mentioned before, and highly rated because of all the protected storage it offers.

U Haul Trailers: Weight Capacity & Trailer Type | Road Trucks (2)

4×7 Utility Trailer

A 4×7 Utility Trailer is a great choice for in-town movers, as it is more affordable and a top cover is not required. Utility trailers are the best for “do it yourself” moving, building, or landscaping projects. It is very lightweight and easily accommodates any towing package your vehicle may have.

The open space makes a utility trailer great for tall objects or self deliveries. This utility trailer has 26 square feet of loading space and can hold a maximum of 1,770 pounds. It’s a great deal!

5×8 Utility Trailer

A 5×8 Utility Trailer is similar to the 5×7 Utility Trailer, but it may be the best fit for business operations, building, or landscaping operations. This is considered a medium trailer, yet still lightweight and easy to tow. It is affordable, reliable, and of course, has that open, no ceiling space that we know and love.

This trailer has low-loading decks and can hold nearly 1,890 pounds. That is nearly 2,000 pounds of open, extra storage! Whether it be 4×8 sections of plywood, a bedframe, or desks, this utility trailer can do it all!

5×9 Utility Trailer with Ramp

The 5×9 Utility Trailer comes with a handy ramp, making it perfect for two to four-wheeled vehicles such as lawnmowers, ATVs, golf carts, wheelbarrows, or even a motorcycle! This is one of U-Haul’s most versatile trailers. It has the lowest deck available, easy towing capability, a 57-inch wide spring-assisted ramp, galvanized finish, heavy-duty tie downs, and an integrated motorcycle chock for the newer models. At an empty weight, this trailer weighs 1,240 pounds. At maximum capacity, it can hold 1,810 pounds!

6×12 Utility Trailer

A 6×12 Utility Trailer is hefty and, thus, perfect for in-town deliveries. This trailer can hold 2,670 pounds! And altogether, maximum capacity and weight of the car and trailer, this monster can weigh 4,400 pounds. It has a 74-square foot capacity, a low deck, and an automatic hydraulic surge brake.

These types of trailers have been used by millions of Americas with moving and business needs. They can be used for product delivery, disposing of garbage or thrift items, or even landscaping equipment. At an empty weight, this trailer weighs 1,730 pounds.

6×12 Utility Trailer with Ramp

The biggest and arguably most functional trailer U-Haul offers is the 6×12 Utility Trailer with Ramp. This utility trailer offers a 57-inch foldable ramp and is motorcycle compatible. It can hold at its maximum a whopping 3,710 pounds! That is incredible! Because of this massive weight, trucks may be best to tow this utility trailer.

This 6×12 Utility Trailer with a ramp has an automatic hydraulic surge brake and a ramp capacity of 1,810 pounds. The gross vehicle weight, or the weight combination of the trailer, maximum load, and the vehicle, is nearly 6,000 pounds! When empty, the trailer is 2,290 pounds. It can hold up to 74 square feet of cargo.

U Haul Trailers: Weight Capacity & Trailer Type | Road Trucks (3)

How Fast Can I Drive a U-Haul Trailer? Is it Depending on the Weight?

Surprisingly enough, how fast you can drive your U-Haul does not depend on the weight or which trailer you have rented. U-Haul trailers do not have automatic brakes, making them dangerous to drive at high speeds. In most states, you can not legally drive faster than 55 miles per hour if your trailer does not have these automatic brakes. Because of this, U-Haul has an unchangeable speed limit of 55 miles per hour on freeways, highways, and other expressways.

If we are getting technical, yes, you could drive over the speed limit of 55 miles per hour. However, this is a dangerous game, especially if there are no extra brakes. If the weather is windy or rainy, you run the risk of fishtailing, hydroplaning, or completely losing control of your vehicle. If you are driving in town, the recommended speed limit is 30 miles per hour. Keep in mind the weather of where you are driving, what you are carrying, the capabilities of the trailer you rented as well as your own vehicle.

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How Should I Drive my U-Haul Trailer?

U-Haul requires those who rent a trailer to drive defensively. This means anticipating stops, braking early, and never following other cars closely. If you are driving downhill or uphill, you need to do so slowly. If you do not, your engine may overheat, or you could lose control of your vehicle. If your engine does get too hot, it has the possibility of stalling. If you are going slower than 45 miles per hour, make sure to turn on your hazard lights and keep an eye out for the cars around you. Stay slow on curves, days with bad weather, poor road conditions, highway exits, and road constructions. Additionally, avoid driving late at night.

If anything is taken away from this section, drive slowly and cautiously. Do not allow passengers to ride in the trailer because they run the risk of injury from heavy cargo. Keep your seat belt on and drive safely!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a U-Haul Trailer?

On U-Haul’s website, you will see that trailers start at a low cost of $14.95. If your final destination is for a one-way rental rather than a local move with their smallest trailer, this will be more expensive. The distance you are traveling, the time you have the U-Haul, the trailer you choose, and the make of your vehicle will all play a price in how much your U-Haul will cost you.

For a ballpark measure, the average cost to rent a cargo trailer for moving across the country can be as expensive as $500 dollars but is still much cheaper than hiring people to help you move. local moves can cost as low as $50. It’s up to you what is worth spending – transporting objects yourself or hiring others. Ultimately, U-Hauls can get pretty expensive simply because of the little fees they offer, including but not limited to mileage fees, damage protection fees, gas fees, equipment rentals, and environmental fees.

You will need to pick out the trailer you are interested in, add a pick-up date, include the make of the vehicle you are towing with, and add a zip code for pick-up and drop-off locations. You can go to the U-haul website and search up renting a U-haul trailer in order to contact them and reserve it! Good luck!

U Haul Trailers: Weight Capacity & Trailer Type | Road Trucks (2024)
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