Verstappen braced for ‘more difficult’ weekend in Monaco (2024)



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Verstappen braced for ‘more difficult’ weekend in Monaco (1)

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has admitted that the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix is likely to be “one of the more difficult” weekends for himself and the team in 2024, given the tight, twisty track layout, as they also look to fend off a growing threat from McLaren and Ferrari.

Verstappen started the season with four comfortable wins from the opening five races as he bids to claim what would be a fourth successive world title, while Red Bull are attempting to net a third successive constructors’ championship.

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However, recent upgrades from McLaren saw Lando Norris beat Verstappen to victory in Miami via a mid-race Safety Car, and then push the Dutchman all the way in Imola last time out – crossing the line just seven-tenths adrift in P2.

As the F1 paddock moves swiftly on to Monaco, Verstappen is not only wary of the successful developments McLaren and Ferrari are bringing to the track, but the side note that Red Bull have typically struggled on slower speed street tracks in recent years.

Asked for his predictions ahead of the weekend, Verstappen said: “I think looking at the track layout it’s probably not going to be our best track, just because our car normally struggles a bit over bumps and kerbs.

“We did work on it a bit compared to last year. I think so far on most of the tracks that we’ve been to our low-speed performance has improved a little bit, but I don’t think this is going to be a very easy weekend.

“But I think Monaco never is very straightforward, even when you’re supposed to have the best car. Monaco is a very tricky track to get everything to work, to get the tyres to work in a quali lap, for example, red flags, there’s always a lot of disruption.

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“A lot of things can go right, but also a lot of things can go wrong. We just need to be on it. Of course, Imola started off really bad and we managed to turn it around. I wouldn’t want to have a weekend like that again, it’s quite stressful and not nice!”

Amid McLaren and Ferrari’s strong form, Verstappen, who has claimed pole position for all seven Grands Prix so far this year, is expecting a fierce battle to keep that 100% record intact – and stressed the importance of Red Bull executing a perfect weekend.

Verstappen braced for ‘more difficult’ weekend in Monaco (2)

“I mean, naturally, from the outside, I think it is one of the more difficult tracks for us,” he continued. “Plus, in the last few years, I think Ferrari has always been very, very strong here. Plus, McLaren lately, the last two races, really ramped up in performance.

“I think after Miami, it was quite clear when we went into Imola that [the gap between teams] had all closed up a bit, even though Imola was probably also not our easiest weekend. For sure, Monaco is always like that anyway.

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“It will depend now on who will put more performance on the car, find the best possible set-up on the car. From our side it makes it of course very important to try and be at our very best, 100%. I know that is not always a very realistic possibility, but you always try to get to a certain point.

“Maybe the last few races we haven’t been operating at that [top level], but every single weekend we try again, we try to find the best possible set-up in the car. But for sure you can see it’s definitely closing up.”

Verstappen heads into the Monte Carlo weekend with a 48-point advantage over Charles Leclerc in the drivers’ standings, while Red Bull sit 56 points clear of nearest rivals Ferrari in the constructors’.

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Verstappen braced for ‘more difficult’ weekend in Monaco (2024)


Is Monaco the hardest F1 track? ›

Every Formula 1 pilot dreams to win on the Mythical Circuit of Monaco which is the slowest and hardest of the Formula 1 World Championship TM .

Is Max Verstappen racing in Monaco? ›

Max Verstappen had to settle for sixth position at the end of a challenging Monaco Grand Prix weekend for himself and Red Bull – marking the first time he has finished a race off the podium all season.

Who won the F1 race in Monaco? ›

Winner: Charles Leclerc

The 26-year-old is the first Monegasque to win the Monaco Grand Prix in 93 years – and this is his first win since the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix, ending a run of 39 races without standing on the top step of the podium.

What is the most overtakes at Monaco? › calculated that in 2023 there were "as many as" 22 overtakes, although that number was so high thanks in part to the rain that fell in the closing stages. In 2022, there were 13 overtaking events, even then there was wet tarmac.

Which F1 track has the most fatalities? ›

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has seen the most fatalities; seven drivers have died there during the time that the Indianapolis 500 formed part of the world championship, though the Indianapolis 500 was held to AAA regulations rather than Formula One regulations.

What is the hardest F1 track in history? ›

Nurburgring Nordschleife, Germany. This circuit is often referred to as the "Green Hell" due to its incredibly challenging layout and numerous blind corners. The circuit is over 20 kilometers long and has over 170 corners, making it one of the longest and most difficult tracks in the world.

Do any F1 drivers not live in Monaco? ›

Do all drivers live in Monaco? No, not all drivers live in Monaco. Some, like Fernando Alonso, Kevin Magnussen, and Carlos Sainz value family ties and cultural connections in their home countries.

Why is Monaco so hard in F1? ›

It's not racing as such when you're just driving around three or four seconds off the pace because the other car hasn't got any chance of overtaking.” Overtaking at Monaco is incredibly rare because of the street circuit's tight confines and the heavy and large modern cars.

Which F1 driver lives in Monaco? ›

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc, the only Formula One driver born and raised in the area, finally wins his home race in Monte Carlo. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc won the Monaco Grand Prix to become the first home winner of Formula One's showcase race since Louis Chiron raced around the city streets in 1931.

Who is the F1 king of Monaco? ›

But the priority, the real event, was the race winner who led every lap of. Charles Leclerc was the winner of the Monaco Grand Prix and his liberating scream said it all.

What is the Monaco curse in F1? ›

The now-broken Leclerc home “curse” included two previous Monaco F1 pole positions that he failed to convert into wins — one in 2021, when a gearbox failure caused by a qualifying crash meant he failed to start the race, and one in 2022, when a strategy error by Ferrari sent him tumbling down the order.

Which F1 team has the most Monaco wins? ›

Monaco has been a happy hunting ground for Max Verstappen specifically and Oracle Red Bull Racing generally over the years; the team has won the most famous race in the sport seven times, and in four of the past five instalments of the event.

Who holds the record at Monaco? ›

Lewis holds the record for the fastest lap at the Monaco Grand Prix with a 1:12.909 lap time set in 2021. The 2006 Monaco Grand Prix is remembered for Michael Schumacher's controversial qualifying incident at the Rascasse corner.

Which F1 race has the least overtakes? ›

Fewest overtakes in a race - 0, 2003 Monaco Grand Prix, 2005 US Grand Prix, 2009 European Grand Prix, 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, 2021 Belgian Grand Prix.

How many times has Max won Monaco? ›

Circuit stats

Of the current F1 grid, Daniel Ricciardo (2018), Sergio Perez (2022), Lewis Hamilton (2008, 2016, 2019) and championship leader Max Verstappen (2021, 2023) have all won here previously. Lap record: 1:12.909, Lewis Hamilton (2021).

Which F1 track is the easiest? ›

Red Bull Ring, Austria

On paper, this looks like the easiest track layout the drivers have all year – and the official Formula 1 game lists the Red Bull Ring as 'Very Easy' on its difficulty rankings, but that is not necessarily a barrier to great racing.

Is Monaco too small for F1? ›

Ask a Grand Prix driver whether Monaco is worthy of its place on the Formula 1 calendar, and the answer will usually be yes. That's even though the Grand Prix can often be less than thrilling. The track is so narrow and the cars so big that drivers rarely can pass, or overtake, each other.

Do F1 drivers like Monaco? ›

It may sound strange, but Monaco actually offers F1 drivers a bit of normality! The unique privacy laws and severe restrictions on professional photography – for which express written permission must be received from the government – allow them to move around without being hassled.

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